Welcome to VetZone Vet Clinic

With 8 years of extensive clinical experience, Dr. Ala’a Shehadeh is welcoming your four-legged companions in his Amman veterinary clinic VetZone. This state-of-the-art clinic offers full range of veterinary services, including vaccination, spaying and neutering, grooming, medicine, surgery, and behavior consultations.

Services We Offer

  • An experienced veterinary care with a thorough knowledge in animal medicine and surgery.
  • Cat and Dog Relocation
  • Preventative medicine (putting in place a vaccination program for your pet, and against different parasitic disease).
  • Full Diagnostic capabilities (full veterinary lab tests and microscopy).
  • Cat and dog accessories
  • Experienced surgeon in conventional and non-conventional surgeries that your pet may be in need.
  • Dental Care
  • Diagnostic X-ray facility both indoors and outdoors.
  • Veterinary Reproductive consultations.
  • Professional grooming.
  • Extensive regulatory knowledge for relocating your pet to any global destination, with necessary lab work and microchipping.
  • Medicated feeds

Testimonials by Our Clients:

"I love the VetZone Clinic, my french bulldog Blackie has been going there since he was a two month puppy. He turns for months on the 25th and he is just a happy, healthy barking pup :)"
Lara Abdulhadi

"I can attest to Dr Ala's great pet care! :)"

"I first met Ala'a upon recommendation, he was very helpful and also available to give advise via the phone. I have experienced this level of service before with a Vet before.
Since first using him, i continue to visit and take my animals to him whenever i need his professional services.

Highly Recommended, to anyone with a animal, regardless of size!!"
Rob Stevens

"Dr. Alaa is really the best vet i have ever seen. he really knows what he's doing"
Bashar Hilal

"I have many pets and he is so kind gentle and professional. I feel so relaxed to leave my adorable pets in kis care"
Thuria Bilbeisi

The conventional painkillers (Panadol) Paracetamol and Aspirin are good drugs for your own pain and discomfort but, when it comes your cat, they are extremely dangerous.

These drugs are all too commonly given to cats by their owners. They are incorrectly used as a home treatment for many feline illnesses. This is an extremely dangerous, and can result in the death of the pet.

Paracetamol causes severe breathlessness by dangerously affecting the red blood cells. It modifies the red pigment of the blood (haemoglobin) into a compound known as methaemoglobin. This substance does not carry oxygen and results in the animal's gums and lips turning blue. Fluid-like swelling occurs around the face and the cat is paralysed and gasping for breath.

Aspirin is also a danger. It causes intense irritation of the intestines and a loss of appetite, vomiting and depression. The cat is not able to balance or stand. Its head may be wobbling or swaying from side to side.

These drugs are dangerous and you should not give them to your cat.

Other human remedies that you should keep away from your cat include any containing phenylbutazone, indomethacin, ibuprofen, naproxen, acetominophen and codeine.

Dr. Ala Shehadeh


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